October 12, 2012

What have I been doing????

 I have been painting a little shadow box for all our Tokidoki cactus pets!

 Crocheting crazy Amineko's!!

and crocheting fabulous birds to make into a garland for a friends birthday!!

What have you been doing???

September 28, 2012

We love new skirts.

 Just updated my shop with some cute Mori girl inspired skirts for your Blythe girls. Don't know what Mori girl style is well I will link you to some photos on my Pinterest pinboard so you can see what it is all about but will do another post to elaborate on it a little later. It is my latest fashion interest because it is just so cute!

September 24, 2012

A wee break.

Gee whizz 3 weeks passes in a flash! And that is how long it has been since my last post but I do have a wonderful excuse for not being around and that is we have been a way. My little family & I went on a trip to a little town called Yamba in Northern NSW . Oh we had such a lovely time! The weather was perfect, the town pretty, the food great, the surf big enough for the kids to have a go, the nature around interesting, a crafty shop to venture into every few days and have a look around/buy some treasures and best of all fabulous coffee shops. If you don't read that and get the impression we had a great holiday I am not being expressive enough with my adjectives. 

I would recommend this little haven for anybody looking for a calm and relaxing place to chill out for a while. Our time their reminded me of times past when my family would go off to small seaside places and have holidays to remember. My husband and I talk about childhood memories often, my family was off doing things all the time and that is what I remember most from my younger years. His family didn't travel alot so he only has a couple of things in his mind. With holidays like these I hope we are creating the same lasting memories for the kids to keep. I count myself blessed all the time as we live in a wonderful country by the sea but we can still find other places beautiful places to visit.

I would love to hear about places others have visited and loved as we are always looking for new destinations.

August 30, 2012

A little how to!

The other day I made some scrappy ribbon for a swap gift. I wanted something a little different to add to the gift and was flipping through a little craft book by the name of Zakka style. There I found the instructions for this cute additon. I myself am doing a little how to in my own words but I give credit to Melody Miller who has supplied the article to the book.

Step 1- get lots of your scraps and sew them all together into a great big patchy square or a squarish kind of shape.  You can see I have many an odd piece of fabric so don't worry if not all pieces are a perfect size(this is why it is called scrappy)!!

Step 2- Iron your scrappy piece and trim anything that needs trimming off the back then cut on the diagonal 1 inch strips. Sew these strips end to end until you have one very long strip. Trim anywhere if neccessary. Easy so far!!

Step 3- The front is nice but the back is messy so we are going to sew the strips together wrong sides facing and make it that you don't see any of this. To do this you need to get the two short ends and start sewing along the long sides.

Step 4- Sew up one side and down the other. I did a zig zag stitch but you could do whatever you liked. You will have a raw edge on your ribbon so it may fray in places but the stitching will stop it from falling apart.

Step 5- Voila, wrap your gift with your new fancy scrappy ribbon. 

The tutorial is pretty short & sweet. It isn't very hard to do but if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

Happy sewing!!

August 26, 2012

Pretty sewing!

I know it has all been about the Blythe girls this week but it is who I have been crafting for. Madly sewing up the ideas that have been floating around in my head for sometime.

I have made two complete outfits to sell. Description is as follows-

 Spring Princess.
This is the first set.........it comes with the dress, crown, sheer sockings & wristlets.The dress is made from a white floral printed cotton and is finished with laces & ribbons and a tiny crown on the bow. The crown is crocheted in mohair and finished with sequins & beads. The socks & wristlets are made from a dyed sheer nylon fabric. Please note I have not dyed the nylon for the socks & wristlets.

Price- $45 Aus including postage.

Forest girl! 
The second set includes the dress, shirt, tights & hair clip. All handmade by me except the tights. Dress is made from tea dyed calico and is finished with embroidered vintage trim, cotton lace, ribbon and machine embroidery. The shirt is made from white cotton fabric and has machine embroidery at the neck and wrists and is finished with co-ordinating ribbon & lace. The hairclip incorporates the trims used in the dress and organza ribbon and is finished with a little owl trinket. Stockings are nylon & that I purchased from This is Blythe forum.

Price $ 50 Aus including postage.


 If you are interested in either of these sets please contact me at lapetitechouette@gmail.com

Thank you for looking

August 24, 2012

Hat Sale & bonus!!

Hello everyone, I wanted to let you all know of the special that is happening in my La petite chouette store.  All hats are $10!!  The hats are made from all different varieties of wool............ mohair, cotton and acrylic but that doesn't matter all are the same price. A little added bonus is that I am up to 100 sales in the store and whoever is the lucky 101st sale can choose a pretty crown, whatever colour they would like.

I hope this makes for a happy Friday for somebody:)

August 21, 2012

Happy clouds!

I had a request to make one big dollies dress the same as one little dollies dress the other day. Here is the completed dress being nicely modeled by Ginger. 

 It even has a matching hairclip:)

I wanted to let my readers know that I am in the market to take requests for making special items.  If you see anything on my blog or in my Etsy shop that you like but may suit your girls in another colour please don't hesitate to ask. I will always try and find a way to make it work.

August 20, 2012

Bienvenue to La petite chouette!!

Hello everybody............. bienvenue to La petite chouette!!

Not much happening here as yet but I hope to have this new blog up and running with lots of interesting stuff real soon. I hope to fill it with sewing, dolls, crochet & much more.

If you have found your way from No life without wife thank you and hopefully you will come and follow me over here. If you have just found me by ways of the great blogosphere thank you too!!

I hope to be back soon having added a few bits & bobs to make this blog feel like home:)