August 30, 2012

A little how to!

The other day I made some scrappy ribbon for a swap gift. I wanted something a little different to add to the gift and was flipping through a little craft book by the name of Zakka style. There I found the instructions for this cute additon. I myself am doing a little how to in my own words but I give credit to Melody Miller who has supplied the article to the book.

Step 1- get lots of your scraps and sew them all together into a great big patchy square or a squarish kind of shape.  You can see I have many an odd piece of fabric so don't worry if not all pieces are a perfect size(this is why it is called scrappy)!!

Step 2- Iron your scrappy piece and trim anything that needs trimming off the back then cut on the diagonal 1 inch strips. Sew these strips end to end until you have one very long strip. Trim anywhere if neccessary. Easy so far!!

Step 3- The front is nice but the back is messy so we are going to sew the strips together wrong sides facing and make it that you don't see any of this. To do this you need to get the two short ends and start sewing along the long sides.

Step 4- Sew up one side and down the other. I did a zig zag stitch but you could do whatever you liked. You will have a raw edge on your ribbon so it may fray in places but the stitching will stop it from falling apart.

Step 5- Voila, wrap your gift with your new fancy scrappy ribbon. 

The tutorial is pretty short & sweet. It isn't very hard to do but if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

Happy sewing!!

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