August 26, 2014

Dreaming of cherries!

1. Very cherry!!, 2. love & cherry! :), 3. cherry tart4. Not available 

Been thinking, looking at, sewing and dreaming of cherries of late! These luscious little balls of red goodness are not often found here in Noumea but when they are they are delicious and expensive at the same time which makes us savour the flavours even more!!

July 7, 2014

Welcome back.

Oh lordy look at the date of my last post! That date was way back at the beginning of the year and we have just passed half way............oh how time flies!! What have I been doing that has taken up all my time so I could not post a single word, honestly I can't really tell you but we have settled into a new house, had visitors, been on a holiday, finished lots of sewing for Blythe Fest, read books for book club, eaten many lovely dinners out and the rest of the time just looked after my little family. These days life seems to pass in a blurr of running around after people, preparing meals and falling into a heap on the couch at the end of the day!

In all the blur I have been thinking about my blog and the time I spent doing my Ecourse with Pip and not wanting all the new found knowledge to go to waste and today I found a few spare moments to work on it because it was grey and rainy and not at all like the sky you see in my photo!. I needed to change it around a bit( I wasn't so happy with my last layout), make it look a bit fresher, whimsical and fun. I have a bit more work to do but am liking it so far.

Ok must be off now as it is once again time for school pick-up but hope to be back soon!

March 17, 2014

Sewing pretty things!

A weekend of crafty business was had here at La petite chouette. I have a mother who is very very talented, she does all sorts of crafts crochet, knitting but her real talent lies in her embroidery skills. I get her to embroider pieces of fabric so I can make pretty dresses for my dolls. Everyone she finishes is differet to the previous one. This particular one went into my Etsy store and was snaffled up immediately...........I am glad there is other ladies out there that love my mums work as much as I do!!

You can see her tea cosies at her shop Teapot Rosie  and here is a few more of her creations.

March 11, 2014

Live, love, create!

Well the time has flown since my last post here and let me tell you there has been many a thing going on. I won't bore you with all the details they are not so interesting but I will tell you about a little postcard swap I signed up for at the end of last month. It is called The great big stitched postcard swap. I haven't done anything like this for a longtime and thought it would be fun, simple and alittle different to my usual sewing swaps. It involves creating a postcard, incorporate the theme create, use some paper and do a little hard could that be? 

 Voila here it, love, create!!  I hope my swap partner likes what she sees when she sees it  and I can't wait to receive mine in my letterbox.

Pop over to the blog Do what you love! or the FB page that has put this swap together, it is a very creative, inpiring blog to read with oh so much stuff going on.

January 15, 2014

A cup of tea with me.

Late last year I started a blogging course with the most energetic Pip at Meet me at Mikes to see if it would kickstart me blogging again,  I got very enthusiastic, made some changes, learnt a whole lot of new things and then bam school holidays/Christmas/New Year happened and I haven't had a chance to do anything since. So now we come to the last day of the course and I am having a panic attack that I haven't saved everything but Pip has given us the opportunity to have a virtual cup of tea(I am having a coffee) with her and all the other lovely girls that participated in her ecourse.

There was a little task behind this post which I think is a fab way to end the ecourse. A little q&a about us goes!

1.Name, state and a bit about what you do on a daily basis (work/parent/art/etc!)?
I am originally from Melbourne but have been living in a French territory, New Caledonia for the past 7 years. It is beautiful, warm, tropical and a wee bit French which I love. I did want to live in Paris when I was a young thing so I guess this is the next best thing. I am a stay at home mum who loves to potter around and have coffee with friends.


2.Favourite things to do in my spare time?
I love to sew, crochet, play with dolls and read especially while sitting on the beach under a palm tree watching the kids swim and I love hanging out with my little family.

3. Favourite place to be?
That is a tricky one, I have many favourite places but maybe it would be under the aforementioned palm tree reading with a nice cocktail!

4.Favourite things to eat/drink?
I do have a soft spot for French patisserie, champagne, cheeses maybe it would just be all thing French!!

5.Favourite inspirations?  
I love to be inspired by what goes on around me and that can be local or what I see on the internet/tv or hear on the radio. I think if you watch you see and if you see you think and if you think you just might do!

6.Something i want to know more about?
 Why is it that sunets are so beautiful?!

7.Some favourite blogs
 Here is just a few-
ZZoommm...... my son and his love of photography. 
Attic24     love the crochet.
Badskirt      always busy.
Wisecraft     just because.
Rose Minuscule    love the craft
Kris Bourcier    local artist and friend
Junko Wong    a little bit of dolly love
and of course Meet me at Mikes

Thanks Pip for hosting this ecourse, any ladies thinking of doing it I would highly recommend it. Brushing up on thing you already know or learning something new it is all there.

November 24, 2013

Take 5 photos!

 Five of the best from the weekend!

 Watching our strawberries grow......

Watching the craft box slowly fill up.....

  Watching the frangipani appear.......


And watching the kids have fun........

Fun little weekend assignment from Pip!


My very clever son Django, who has a blog of his own and has created  himself a blog button. Please follow the link to see his fabulous photos and to pick up his button!!