July 7, 2014

Welcome back.

Oh lordy look at the date of my last post! That date was way back at the beginning of the year and we have just passed half way............oh how time flies!! What have I been doing that has taken up all my time so I could not post a single word, honestly I can't really tell you but we have settled into a new house, had visitors, been on a holiday, finished lots of sewing for Blythe Fest, read books for book club, eaten many lovely dinners out and the rest of the time just looked after my little family. These days life seems to pass in a blurr of running around after people, preparing meals and falling into a heap on the couch at the end of the day!

In all the blur I have been thinking about my blog and the time I spent doing my Ecourse with Pip and not wanting all the new found knowledge to go to waste and today I found a few spare moments to work on it because it was grey and rainy and not at all like the sky you see in my photo!. I needed to change it around a bit( I wasn't so happy with my last layout), make it look a bit fresher, whimsical and fun. I have a bit more work to do but am liking it so far.

Ok must be off now as it is once again time for school pick-up but hope to be back soon!

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