November 14, 2013

Blog with Pip!

Well it has been a longtime since I have been here on my little blog. Time passed and lack of enthusiasm kept me well away from sharing anything with anyone who reads my little musings. About a 6 weeks ago I saw on the very inspiring Meet me at Mikes blog that Pip was going to do an online blog course, my eyebrows raised and I thought maybe I could participate in that and it may, just may get me back into spending a bit more time here. I promptly forgot about it!! But then about 10 days ago I saw around the interweb that other lovely ladies were starting this exact course. I rushed over to Pip to see if there was still places available to start and voila here I am back in my little space!

I must admit the first week was a bit of a shambles as there was all this stuff going on at  Blog with Pip  and life at home was somewhat crazy and I was thinking to myself why have I started now I should have waited till the next intake but I think if I held off that long I don't think I would have ever come back. Now I am here, I have given La petitie chouette a little makeover and have a much needed kick up the butt. In the 10 days since I started the e-course I have learnt a whole variety of stuff, some simple, some more complex and some I have actually been able to use to get a fresh new look to my space. 

If you read my blog and find yourself in the same rut as I was in I can highly recommend taking a look at this course. It is inexpensive and I think it can help for just that little bit of extra guidance and insruction. Within the group there is a whole bunch of other like minded ladies doing the same thing as me and there has been alot of knowledge and feedback being thrown around for people to use as they see fit. Pip is a great teacher, she has been in the blogosphere for a longtime and is very keen to tell us a little of what she has learnt so a big thank you and shout out to her!

Now watch this space!!

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